Krčma Šatlava

Krčma Šatlava is the only truly authentic pub in existence. You'll think you're in another century. The hungry travelers will find a big selection of traditional Czech cuisine.

Bistro Topinka

You will be amazed by how fancy and delicious a simple toast complimented by world's delicacies and seasonal produce can be. Together with the natural wines, it makes it just the place for your perfect brunch.

Cikánská jizba

Visit a real gypsy 'room' with more than 20 years of tradition. One can tell, it's a family-run business. You'll get a locally brewed beer with tasty traditional Czech and Roma cuisine.

Nonna Gina

Italy in Krumlov by the Massaro family. Been making their pizza and pasta here for decades and have gained quite a reputation in the area.


No uptight environment. Papa's is a living restaurant focusing on friendly atmosphere, prime cousine and overall pleasant experience. The open terrace offering a view on the river is just a cherry on top.

Café Kolektiv

Where else would you get a better breakfast than from Krumlov's gastrolovers who opened a café showing their passion?

7 Steak Garden

An honest burger, river's breeze and dreamy surroundings. The perfect romance for meat lovers!

Drunken coffee

Drunken coffee is is a true image of how it looks like when a few friends who care about quality coffee and alcohol start a business. Only a great service and products. Also for vegans.

Švejk Restaurant

Švejk Restaurant is a culinary journey through Czech history, tradition and culture. The restaurant's original interiors from the first republic are complemented by contemporary comfort.

Restaurant Bar u Bejka

Spend an evening on a restaurant terrace looking at a beautiful view of the gothic St. Vitus Church. It's a historical building with a long history. Nowadays a restaurant with a delicious selection of Czech food. Make sure to try the old-time traditional starter - bread with lard.

Restaurant Depo

On a hot summer evening, you will best enjoy a pint of Pilsen on the terrace to the castle park at Depo. We only recommend to eat elsewhere. Kids can enjoy discgolf here.

Restaurant 99

Come dine to an old renovated renaissance house. On the menu they have delicacies from international menu with a Czech Pilsen and a selection of family microbreweries on tap.

Hospoda na Louži

A local pub with traditional Czech dishes. The pub's interior evokes an early 20th-century feel. Located on the house's ground floor, it's decorated with an extensive collection of metal ad boards advertising beer and other alcohol.

Masná 130 Espresso bar

Masná 130 is one of the places where locals and tourists can meet for great coffee and other goodies, a theatre performance, a course or concert, or perhaps just to sit alone with a book.

Můstek pub

Come find the burger of your dreams, home-made fries and complement your gastroheaven with the unmistakable taste of traditional Czech Pilsen.

Café In Vivo

The reviews say: 'If it was possible, I'd give 10 stars!' Perfect service, gourmet coffee and those home-made desserts...

Krumlovská picka

Fast food doesn't have to be greasy and unhealthy. Krumlovská picka will show you how it's done with mini pizzas and baguets made of fresh ingredients. The castle view only makes things better.