Welcome to Český Krumlov

World heritage and a must-see in your life.

You’ve heard people telling fascinating stories about a charming small town a few hours from Prague that looks like it just landed straight from a fairy tale.

Magnificent castle with romantic gardens, town houses proudly representing quondam architectonical styles, picturesque houses of common craftsmen and fishermen who’d sell their product at the town market every Sunday. Looking around, you nearly expect to see the noble family coming through in their house-drawn carriage. Now it’s time you see with your own eyes why Český Krumlov truly is world heritage. Have the locals who grew up here be your guide.


Český Krumlov is also a well-known destination for all gastrotourists. Bio coffee, home-made desserts no one has a chance to resist, burgers assembled with care, home-made fries and a pint of Pilsen. Much more and gorgeous views on top.

Track the delicacies