Let the highway take you there.

Not all but many roads lead to Český Krumlov.

Situated close to Austrian and German borders, just a few kilometers from one of the main highways E55 crossing the Czech Republic from north to south through Prague - Český Krumlov is well accessible by car and bus as well. Given the popularity of the place, the frequency of bus connections is indeed satisfactory. If you’re a train enthusiast, you can hop on a train, though you’ll have to change trains probably in České Budějovice.

4, 6, or 8 wheels. All will take you to Krumlov.

You don't have to cut through the pink thorns. Krumlov is easy to find.


If you’re coming from Prague direction, make sure your toll sticker is in order and just drive the D3 highway. The distance from Prague to Krumlov is about 2,5 hours, a bit longer if you take the common roads with no toll. The D1 highway will take you to Krumlov if you’re coming from the eastern direction. When coming from Bavaria, you’ll likely be crossing at Philippsreut border crossing and at Weigetschlag when coming from Linz’s direction.


Flixbus regularly goes to Krumlov from Prague and Vienna - direct connection, low prices, high frequency. You can easily spot the buses by their green color. Flixbus is a German company connecting Europe through and through while offering a fair standard incl. wifi and sockets so you can work or have fun while on board. For Prague travelers, there’s also Student agency. You can reserve your spot and pay in advance with both providers so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected surprises.


There are several shuttle providers, but one we can recommend as reliable is CK Shutle. The number of cities it connects with Český Krumlov in all Czech Republic, Austria and Germany is countless. It also lists Budapest and Bratislava. Shuttles are much more modern than buses and make the ride more comfortable.

More than a bus

It's not just a smaller bus. It's more modern, offers more comfort and picks you up right outside your hotel. It's also air-conditioned and cheaper for groups. It's as simple and convenient as it sounds.

Hop on a shuttle