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Take yourself on a journey back in time to one of the most beautiful medieval towns. Český Krumlov has a colorful past dating back to the 11th century. Take a walk on a Cloak bridge built-in 1767 according to the rules of medieval fortification. It offers the most beautiful view of the historical center of Český Krumlov. Many influential Czech families were lucky to once call Český Krumlov their home. Such as the Schwarzenbergs, Rosenbergs, Lords of Krumlov, and the Vítkovs.

When taking a walk, notice the beautiful details of the so-called ’Latrán’ houses. The word ‘latrán’ comes from Latin and means sub-castle, which describes the relationship of this part of the town to the castle and the town itself. The city’s beauty uplifts the surrounding high rock formations and moats built during the Middle Ages for defense purposes. The town was an important administrative hub and a center of trade, particularly in wine.