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Cycling is one of the most popular summer activities in South Bohemia. The area features more than 1,500 km of cycling lanes, which are mostly paved and accessible for families with children. Cycling has the benefit of allowing you to see a lot in a short amount of time while also being good for your health.

Cycling routes from Krumlov

  • (17.5 km) A popular cycling route starting at Český Krumlov and concluding in Dívčí kámen. You will ride through a beautiful green valley and enjoy a romantic ruin spread on a high rock at the end of the journey.

  • (51.3 km) A moderately demanding route called ‘Krumlov circuit’ with views of the historic town and the possibility of visiting Rožmberk Castle.

  • (38.5 km) A challenging route through the Blansky forest recommended for skilled cyclists. It starts in Český Krumlov and finishes in Kleť. When you get to the top of mountain Kleť visit the highest situated observatory in the Czech Republic.

Cycling routes around Lipno lake

The cycling trails around the Lipno lake's banks are a great way to get some exercise. There are several cycle paths where you can admire the beauty of the lake from the saddle.

  • (30 km) A popular cycle path with a sweet reward in the form of a view of the whole Lipno lake and surrounding hills - around Lipno to ‘Vítkův hrádek’.

  • (50.5 km) A flat route providing constant contact with Lipno reservoir, supplemented by a double ferry ride - the Jezerní cycle path.

  • (108 km) The best of both banks of the Lipno - a challenging cycling route around the entire Lipno. If you aren't a trained cyclist it's recommended to rent an electric bike.

Renting a bike is easier

For those who don't own any bikes, you can use one of the many bike rental services available in Český Krumlov or in Lipno. You can rent not only a bike or an electric bike, but also a helmet, a child seat or a bike trolley.