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Lipno and water activities

Relaxing holiday with a mix of adventure activities? Lipno is calling your name. It is the largest man-made reservoir in the Czech Republic built on the Vltava river between the years of 1952-1959. What might be a surprise is that Lipno reservoir supplies drinking water to Prague. Nowadays, it’s a recreational resort where you will find many campsites, guesthouses or hotels. Lipno offers a wide range of activities making it a perfect place to create memories with your loved ones.

Walk through the treetops

One thing you shouldn't miss is the ‘Treetop Walkway Lipno’. It’s a huge playground suitable for all ages with 7 routes and 7 platforms with different levels of difficulty. The path goes through a beautiful forest and you can see the surrounding mountains and forests from up above. The perfect time to come is anytime because it's open year-around so you get to experience both hot summers and snowy winters. One of the big benefits is that it’s barrier-free so it's suitable for families with strollers, the elderly and disabled people.

Bike routes for all ages

If you’re a cycling enthusiast, then you will definitely fulfill your needs in Lipno. Cycling in Lipno is an activity for everyone. There are numerous cycling routes, which offer different challenges and enjoyment. Whether you’re looking for an ideal cycling route for a trip with children or a challenging route for a serious performance

Our recommendation:

  • (30 km) A popular cycle path with a sweet reward in the form of a view of the whole Lipno lake and surrounding hills - around Lipno to Vítkův hrádek.

  • (50.5 km) A flat route providing constant contact with Lipno reservoir, supplemented by a double ferry ride - the Jezerní cycle path.

  • (108 km) The best of both banks of the Lipno - a challenging cycling route around the entire Lipno. If you aren't a trained cyclist it's recommended to rent an electric bike.

For those who don't own any bikes, you can use one of the many bike rental services available around Lipno. You can rent not only a bike or an electric bike, but also a helmet, a child seat or a bike trolley.

Lipno fairy protecting the reservoir

While you’re riding your bicycle and enjoying the pure breeze, you might notice a bronze statue of a young lady emerging from water called ‘Lipenská víla’. The statue shows considerable fluctuations in the level of water in the Lipno reservoir - sometimes the Lipno fairy stands on a small rock near the shore, but sometimes she is submerged up to her waist in the water.

You don't have to go to Bali to see waterfalls

Do you know the feeling when it's so hot and there’s nowhere to hide? There is a place to cool down around Lipno. Hidden deep in the forest are the St. Wolfgang Waterfalls. One of the most magical places in Vyšebrod and Lipno. The cascading waterfalls are formed by the river Menší Vltavice near the Vyšebrod monastery.

Hikers can reach the Wolfgang Falls by following Opatská stezka I, the starting point of which is the recently restored Rožmberk Gate of the Vyšebrod Monastery. Then there’s a yellow marked trail that takes you back to the monastery after 3 km. In total, the route is 3.7 km long.

Make your kids excited and take them bobsledding

Bobsledding in any weather and all year round? Go to ‘Slideland Bobová Dráha Lipno’ to get your adrenaline pumping. It's a great way to spend a day with family, friends, or even on your own.

Here you will find a brand new mountain bobsleigh track to enjoy a ride from a bird's eye view, the highlight is the 2 turns with almost 360°. The new coaster is more suitable for families with children thanks to safety belts and automatic brakes. The original 1 km long bobsleigh track will be appreciated mainly by the more sporty riders. In both cases, you control the speed yourself using the brake.

Rent a boat and enjoy romantic sunset views

Imagine taking your loved one on a surprise boat trip to watch the sunset. This scores high on every relationship’s romance scale! The Lipno reservoir offers excellent conditions for sailing and other water activities. There are a few rental companies that will lend you a boat - no license needed.

Our suggestion for families is to rent an easy-to-use electric boat or motorboat that even your children can handle.